Waiting For A Health Miracle

They claim the former president of cancer health miracle. And a lot of people waiting for arrived just this kind of thing.

But, how often do health miracles really happen?

Turns out, not so often.

Many people have a false opinion about the truth of what is really health care.

Real health care and disease prevention, and disease, and cancers, and problems from happening. Eat well, exercise, and visit alternative medicine practitioners as they can to make sure that remains the case. If you take care of yourself, and most of these will never occur.

But, when you do it (and something will happen, be cold or cancer), and then move on to the care of patients. This is what people pay for in insurance. This is what doctors and hospitals do. This is what most people expect will be treated.

The problem is, patient care can not cure anything, but it does not offer ever health miracle. All you can do is to help the body heal itself.

Antibiotics do not kill the infection - it reduces so the body can cope with the trauma.

Drugs do not cure the disease - the suppression of natural interactions until the numbers look good.

Surgery does not address the problem - it eliminates or repair the matter to a certain degree, and then the body of the rest.

What people need to understand is that health care and care for the sick must be on the same side. The defamation of modern medicine and health care and alternative therapies, such as what I do. They deceived people into believing they can do anything they want and patient care will solve the problem.

Society is cottoning on that patient care can not solve the problem, suppression only.

A look at the diabetes epidemic. Treatment is out there: eat healthy foods and exercise. However, doctors rarely tell this to their patients, and those that do not just add-on does not push it. What doctors do batch of medicines and comes often to the back (which means more profits for them).

For the people I help, we take a healthy approach and the return of the body to a healthy state. Yes, it takes time and effort. But, do not be in good health and does not need to care for the sick worth it?

Together, we can prevent many health care and many of the problems that occur ever. Then, patients can take care of fixes other problems. Patient care can spend money and time on real problems, such as autoimmune diseases, genetic defects, and heal the injury.

But, this is not profitable. Keep people a little bit sick and on medication.
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