The 7 Secret Steps to Optimum Health

When your mind, body and spirit are out of balance can become unbalanced, tense and stressed, which can lead to disease and easily misled.

How can you restore your energy balance and live life to the fullest?

The ability to really relax is of paramount importance in your quest for health, as is the case when you are calm and relaxed and you are free from stress. It then becomes much easier to concentrate, focus and achieve your life goals.

If you edit the natural talents and go with the flow, you'll have unlimited supplies of positive energy. We must find a simple path to health will '7 steps to optimal health "give you the tools you need to achieve it.


The first essential of life is the air, the moment you stop breathing, the physical body begins to decay. Breathing is the fundamental root of existence, and as such should be the first consideration in any health problem.

Are you aware that the mountain or sea air can make you feel good and even heal wounds? It is surprising that people do not give more attention to the quality of the air we breathe.

Through the air we breathe, you can get vital life force energy, which is also known as Ki, chi, prana, the vital energy, magnetism etc.

One of the most useful ways of breathing is balanced inhaling deeply and exhale through the nose. Will be 10-15 minutes of deep breathing in the morning and evening can be of great benefit to you.

Of course, you can practice conscious deep breathing at any time throughout the day, which certainly helps to reduce stress and tension, and plays a major role in the healing process.

How pure is the air we breathe?


And cover more of the planet with water and your body is about 75% water, so it is easy to see how important clean water in your life.

Every living cell, water, air and nutrients required. Water acts as a solvent in the body and is the purest, and free of contaminants and chemicals, the more toxins that can be called to remove it.

It is generally accepted by those who have studied this subject that the use of bottled and filtered, spring, and a private water distilled will help keep your body cells free of waste. Distilled water is a wonderful blood purifier and can definitely help to maintain your health and longevity.

How pure is the water we drink?


Today after a brief detour in science and medicine and human is looking again at how to use the products of nature to restore health to the world of abundant mislead easily ridden.

What you eat is directly related to how to think and feel and act and your body is a wonderful plant that needs constant maintenance.

It is essential to realize the ill effects of refining, processing and excessive packaging comfort to many of the foods we have today. It's a good idea to look closely at the nutritional quality of the foods you are eating.

One of the secrets to re-charge your energy, is to introduce gradually more and more raw organic fruits and vegetables in your diet. If this is combined with the quality of supplements, only then can you be sure the absorption of nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

How pure is the food you eat?

Playing sports

Everyone should take some exercise on a daily basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Practice is the process that is placed in the cells of the body under pressure controlled. This stimulates the metabolism as well as increasing strength and vitality.

Most forms of good practice in the private stimulate the body's tissues, but often leave aside the promotion of others. And effective form of exercise to be one that reaches into every cell of the body.

Research at NASA on rebounding (mini trampoline) is a complete exercise. This is because it vibrates and stimulates every cell of the body.
 on your preference for certain.

Do you take 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week?


Most of us face the benefits of sleep and relaxation using soft brushes and television, eat before you retire and whether you are using energy to digest or process ideas, then you're not used to repair and recharge the vital life force.

Any tension or anxiety affects both the mind and body, and can lead to dis-ease. Therefore, you will need to deal with it now before it becomes a serious problem. Mental and physical relaxation allows you to be more at ease.

Deep breathing can help you release stress and tension. Just take a deep breath and as you breathe out, and completely relax all of the muscles and just leave the tension and release of any mental chatter.

Does the release of the stress and tension of the mind and body?

Emotional feelings

Feelings are feelings from your subconscious mind, and urges the instincts and put them to work. Emotion is the spark to work, an automatic response to some cases, causing biological
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