Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Long battle between the scientific and alternative medicine appears to be over with the emergence of complementary medicine. Complementary medicine is trying to combine the best of both worlds through the health status of the patient by the medical philosophy.

The term "alternative medicine" to traditional methods and other treatments that there is no clear scientific basis. The term "scientific medicine" which is also called the traditional or modern medicine and Western medicine refers to medical treatment methods entirely or largely based on science.

Traditionally, practitioners of view of scientific medicine with disdain alternative therapies as unscientific. At the same time, many therapists alternative practitioners of scientific medicine rejected as arrogant, aloof and tough.

Today, it seems that the two sides had signed a truce and trying to find common ground. This common ground consists of the settlement of the so-called complementary medicine. In the supplementary medical treatment and professors of medicine and alternative practices allowed as long as it does not harm the patient.

Complementary Medicine means respecting the patient

An example of complementary medicine is to allow the surgeon to the patient for meditation or the use of energy therapy before and after surgery. These treatments do not interfere with the surgery and often contribute to psychological well be the patient.

A large part of the increase of complementary medicine can be attributed to increased knowledge of non-Western cultures, such as China and the growing respect for their values ​​and traditions. And it has taken many treatments and techniques in a variant of the Chinese, Indian and other Asian cultures medicine.

There is another reason why complementary medicine is becoming popular is the changing attitude toward patients by doctors and other health professionals. In countries such as the United States, Britain and Germany were considered the doctors and all wise and all knowing experts in dealing with health issues until recent decades. This attitude means that many doctors sick ideas and opinions held in contempt.

Today is taught doctors and other health professionals and their patients with respect for their opinions. Part of the reason in this regard is the increasing number of female doctors. Women are often more empathy and understanding of men. Until recently, most doctors men, and they were taught to coach their patients around.

Since doctors do not have respect for the views of patients they have to listen to their ideas about medication. This means that doctors and patients have to take into account the beliefs and respect them.

Complementary Medicine equal opportunity

The proliferation of complementary medicine is creating many opportunities for specialists in alternative health care. Many medical clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities now employs chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncture and other medical practitioners alternate treatment.

Some medical facilities now have the professionals on staff and offer many of the alternative therapies to their patients on a regular basis. It is very common for chiropractors and massage to participate in physical therapy and rehabilitation for patients, for example.

Many practitioners of traditional medicine also recognizes the possibility of some alternative healing practices. It is recognized as prayer and meditation on a large scale as beneficial to the healing process. Patients who engage in these practices may develop a better position and recover faster.

This means that there will be increased opportunities for workers in traditional health care and alternatives. Will be many health care providers are looking for professionals who have knowledge of both.

How to take advantage of career opportunities in complementary medicine

Complementary Medicine will be the future of medicine. And patients who are expected to increasingly health care professionals have knowledge of both traditional and alternative treatments.

And health care institutions are more willing to allow their employees to practitioners of alternative medicine. And individuals who are willing to get an education in the worlds of medicine to be more likely to get jobs and health care in the future if they have education in complementary medicine.
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